English Doctor (24hrs)

Ok… my granny was sick last Friday and she puked that nite. So I quickly took her to see doctor. Well, Sri Damansara is a very pathetic place to stay… sometimes. Why? There’s not a single clinic open at around 10.oopm.. not even a 24hrs clinic. So went to Kepong. No choice.

Saw a few 24hrs clinics along the Kepong main road. We stopped at the nearest one. Klinik Nathan. Man…. the premise is a bit old and crappy. We didn’t realise it was a con shop until we went in to see the doctor.

Can a doctor not speak English well? This Indian doctor, when I talked to him in English he’s like he don’t know how to speak English. He replied me in BM and…… he spoke broken BM.

So, my question is…. can a doctor not to converse in English? He seems like he don’t understand English at all. They charged RM55.00 for consultation and medicines.


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