Yo… the En. Zackhariah (not his real name) of Klang was DEAD. If you dont know who is him, the you should really go and google it. He is known to the Pandamaran locals for his infamous mansion built on a low cost housing land. How he was able to do it (to build a mansion on the land which was said to be acquired through improper channel), I will not elaborate more as it will be a disrespect to the dead guy.

He, the Little Napoleon as referred by some newspaper, was reported dead due to heart attack. Maybe he was too upset about the defeat of Barisan Nasional last Saturday. However, I been hearing many people saying that his death is not because of heart attack as reported by the newspapers. I don’t know. Some people said he committed suicide because the local government is now in the hands of what used to be the Opposition parties. Unreliable sources said that the late En. Zachariah was scared that his wrongdoings to be found out by the new ruling power.

So, the verdict is yours, my well-informed readers.