Malaysia post-election 2008

Ok… the election is over. Last Sunday, we saw a great show in history and the biggest defeat of Barisan Nasional in god-knows-how-many-years. Everyone I met when I go out of office, the businessmen talked about their dissatisfaction of the administration prior to the election.

For businessmen, the assessment fees collected by the local council are their main concern. 10 out of 10 people I met, they all talked about it. Also their harassment by the local council officers. Everyone are so anticipated of what the new Selangor and KL state government can do now for them and their business. Some even told me that they are sort of being “forced” to donate for the printing of those election campaign posters, banners, flags etc before the election.

Now, if you have not seen Anwar’s recent speech in KL, you should go and see it. Its very entertaining yet powerful if I should say. Go and find it in Google Video. He should be in the league of great speakers such as Adolf Hitler and the likes. Some of our company’s directors are all mad about his ceramahs and the opposition manifestos. They watch Anwar’s videos like watching a rock star performance. Its like a religion to them.

People of all walks of life got hit directly by some of the bad policies introduced by the administration prior to the election. Main thing is ALWAYS the petrol thingy. If you go and ask, everyone also will say the same shit. Also, I wonder if postal votes did a part in giving certain people a “big” majority win. Well, what ever, its over already. So lets see what is going to happen in this 4-5 years.


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