Report: Malaysian General Election 2008

Ok… walked to the school near my house and casted my 2 precious votes. I’ve done my duty as a citizen for my beloved country. Now, let us pray for the new hope of Malaysia to be announced tonight. Stay tuned with the idiot box.

This is my first time going to a school in so many years. The management of the voting centre was smooth and I was back home in less than 30 minutes from the moment I stepped out of my house. Maybe some people have to go to work and only will go voting after work in the afternoon. I saw some people came here only to find they came to the wrong school… err I mean polling centre. I thought it will be a long long queue like what my dad said it used to be when he voted in SK Selayang Jaya (the primary school I went with many of my homies).

Ok…. lets hope for now. Come here again tonight for the new hope to be unfold.


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