Triple Unhappiness @ Kota Damansara

Ok… the 3 of us… my mom, aunty and I went to this shop called Restoran Triple Happiness (Claypot Specialty) in Kota Damansara. It is situated next to an eatery called Ho Chiak. Yeah.. nowadays there’s a lot of eateries there worth patronising and to try out.

However, we were very disappointed by the service rendered by this claypot shop. And the food is not that good. Their Oyster Vegetables (choy sum) is so long I can make an 8 loop. I think they lack of man power and and kesian the pregnant lady at the cashier counter, she have to run up and down and help in identifying the dishes of every table.

One of the cook even have to come out and help in serving food and collecting payments. The same lady that take ordershave to help the cashier, making up tables, serve dishes, serve drinks. Then there’s 2 more guys apparently burmese or cambodians…. also kelam-kabut.

A real kelam-kabut shop. Mess. Some patrons were too fed up they walked away when food was not serve after probably 30 minutes. Man… this is just claypot food. How long will it take to cook?

The 3 of us are very unhappy. That will be our first and the last time going there. Damn tu lan.


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