Educational CNY trip to Ipoh

Ok…. a real post now. Just had the exam today and I’m a lil bit free now to sit down and blog. Went to Ipoh last week for the Sky God Day at my dearest’ place, just like last year. And of course eating will be part of the Ipoh trip. The salted chicken was GREAT. Ayam garam.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit some place that otherwise I won’t be able to visit… in KL. Alright, I went to this “roast pig house” to collect 2 roast pigs with my dearest’s mom. I was able to see how roast pig was roasted. There were 15-20 slaughtered pigs hanging upside down, waiting in line to go into the old skool oven. Too bad, I didn’t have any picture of it.

Then, we all went to this heong peng shop… err.. I mean house. Yeah… these people manufacture stuffs in the backyard. Roast pigs and heong peng. I will post some of the heong peng experience in the next post hopefully.

We also went to this soy sauce factory. Pak yau chong. And I was amazed by the processes undertaken to make the pak yau… I mean soy sauce that we all take for granted. Again, this I will blog about it further in the next post as I need to process the pictures first.

Oh yeah, my Szer and I also went to Sungkai hot spring while on the way to Ipoh. It was a nice place. But I can also get hot spring in my hometown, Selayang which is just 20 minutes drive from here. You can swim, take a dip, boil eggs etc there too. Selayang Hot Spring is just 30 minutes drive from the heart of KL.


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