Rambo is getting old

Went and watched Rambo.. the most famous Vietnam veteran and perhaps the US soldier of all time. The 4th installment. Man, this one although a short film but filled with violence and gore scenes that made me laugh at some point of the movie while the faint hearted malay guy sitting next to me giggled and closed his eyes with his hands. Like Rocky Balboa, this one is also about someone getting old and life getting old that kind of thing.

Though some of you may say Rambo is bullshit… and how can one person fight a batallion of mercenaries.. this final installment is not all that. In this one, he fought alongside some army of fortune and it is clear that American’s superiority prevails like any other Hollywood shows and they are humiliating the British SAS if you notice.

Well, I’ll leave it to your judgment, but I totally recommend you to watch this if you are not the faint hearted. Anyway, if you grew up watching the past 3 episodes of Rambo, you don’t wanna miss this. Just forget some logic and have some rambo shooting and arrows. However, just a spoiler… the trademark “rambo knife” is nowhere to be seen but a home-made parang. Hehehe.

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