CNY celebration in church

Eh, thats my aunty in green. Ok, Chinese Catholics…. like any other chinese of other religions… also go to the place of worship… in this case the church.. first thing on the first day of CNY. Like Buddhist goes to temple to pray and respect their ancestors…. we catholics also do the same thing. At church, we pray to god and our ancestors. There are such ritual/ceremony at the church. We are Chinese afterall and we still know our roots. We do everything a Chinese would do on CNY day…. all the customs and superstitious things etc at times. My grandma even made some tong yuen for the New Year.

The priest giving away angpaus and mandarin oranges to all church goers.

Then there’s lion dance performance.

Many people mistaken that christians follow only western cultures and they are not “chinese”. There was even a time many years when my uncle brought her girlfriend to our place and was shocked that we used chopstick to eat noodles. She thought we only use fork and spoon and knife because we pray to Lord Jesus. WTF, geez.

We are Chinese and very  proud of our roots. We just pray to a different god. Thats all.

A very merry gong xi fa chai to everyone.


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