Normally this time round in the year….. before CNY…. it will be hot and windy days. But now, all we get is rain every other day. It is time we shall think of what we’ve done and doing to Mother Nature.

Jakarta was flooded yesterday… up to waist length at some places. My dearest is ok and not that affected unlike some of her colleagues and friends. Luckily it happened on a Friday evening and today many people don’t need to go to work. Pheew, thank God for nothing to be worried. After doing some googling, I have come to know that it is an annual affair over there. Last year on the same time Feb 2nd, the city was flooded too and there are many blog posts that are dissing their (Indonesian) government pertaining to that flood matter.

Hopefully there won’t be big floods in KL or else my bosses will be laughing again this CNY.

Flood is defined as the escape of water from the natural confines of any natural or artificial watercourse, lake, reservoir, canal, dam, or, encroachment from sea water.