Contractor's insurance

In the contractor’s commercial combined covers, the rating for contractor’s own insurances will generally follow those for property/asset protection, revenue, liability and other covers. Asset protection – covers contractor’s own premises and it’s general contents including plant and machinery – it will exclude the contract works undertaken away from premises as these will be covered by the contract works extension – Plant and machinery may … Continue reading Contractor's insurance

Of Telnet and Secure Shell

Pragma Systems, Inc provides an end-to-end secure connectivity products (SCP) such as FortressSSH Server, TelnetServer, FortressSSH ClientSuite and Handheld Clients that provides large enterprises with business application protection and secure remote administration. Their technology offers a cost-effective approach to seamlessly and securely deploy scalable solution that can meet not only the needs of the organization as it exists today, but as it may exist five, … Continue reading Of Telnet and Secure Shell

Triple Unhappiness @ Kota Damansara

Ok… the 3 of us… my mom, aunty and I went to this shop called Restoran Triple Happiness (Claypot Specialty) in Kota Damansara. It is situated next to an eatery called Ho Chiak. Yeah.. nowadays there’s a lot of eateries there worth patronising and to try out. However, we were very disappointed by the service rendered by this claypot shop. And the food is not … Continue reading Triple Unhappiness @ Kota Damansara

Quick & easy small business loans

Looking for a fast yet no collateral Personal Loan or Small Business Loans? You’ve browsed to a correct place. Here I would suggest you check out EZ for an unsecured financing made easy. There you can get approvals in 1 to 3 days and no upfront fundings fees needed. They offer a Excellent Service to all your financing needs from Fast Funding to Easy … Continue reading Quick & easy small business loans