Compressor oil

After the new year ration shopping in hometown, I went to service my car aircond and was burned a hole in my pocket. However… it is worth the money if it can provide me a fridge-like in-car environment.

No matter what car you drive, an old junk or a sports car, the most important thing is the air conditioning. In our hot weather, nothing is more important. The first compressor jammed, then the second one was fixed by a stupid mechanic and it ruined the system.

Ok. Only send your car to a specialist aircond shop for all things air conditioning. Seriously. Normal mechanics will give you shitty air cond job and cost you a compressor or more.

Everytime they change a compressor for you, make sure they clean the pipings with petrol in order to clean all the dirt or residue that may be clogged in the pipes. This will ensure a cleaner system. Now I learned something. Seeing is believing when the aircond guy explained to me what happened in the system and when he took out the faulty compressor and showed me the black dirt that clogged it…. I now understand..



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