Con show

Today’s Star paper greeted me this morning with “Medium who wanted sex”. Man, just can’t believe why the victims, the ladies, can get conned into having sex. Getting conned of money and valuables is normal and its all because of greed. But… sex… because of what? Just dont understand. This is not the first time such a thing happened.

I remember getting conned by 2 annehs who came knocking my friends apartment house and asked for donation. They said they were sent by god to our place and thats fate. They said they will give us two 4-digit numbers in return for donation of 120 something ringgit. We… my friend, his mom and myself, gathered the amount and they performed a “ritual” whereby real one of them appeared to be like being possessed by a medium and the other was like an assistant, wiping the dripping blood from the possessed man’s mouth and holding him from going gaga swinging his hands and legs and jumping around. That bugger already bit/cut his tongue and we were stunned by the blood and thought it was a real thing… thats where we were conned. Then, the part where the possessed guy wrote the number was arrghh… blood dripped onto the paper.

The possessed guy said only buy Pan Malaysian Pool Horse Race (now known as damacai) for a certain amount of ringgit. Not more or less. I can’t remember how much was it now. After the show, they requested for fresh milk to stop the bleeding and I went and bought a pack of fresh milk. The mamak saw I went and bought milk and gave it to the conmen and fucked me why I give money to the conmen. Only then I reallised… but we were so naive back then.

It was greed that got us getting conned….. looking back, that was many many years ago. Geez… the real bleeding show is still vivid in my memory.

So…folks, take care of yourself and don’t get conned.


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