Bloodstock insurance

Bloodstock insurance provide cover for most animals such as horses, dogs, cats, sheep, cattle etc. Insurance is available on a commercial basis as well as on an individual basis (single animal).

The risk is usually split to stallions/bulls and mares as well as follows:

  • risk for stallions/bulls relates mainly to their infertility

  • in relation to mares, risk relates to pregnancy and birth issues

  • animals under package policies will have risks relating to accident, injury, sickness and disease

The aim of the cover is to compensate the owner in respect of service fees lost due to the stallion/bulls infertility.

  • In respect of young stallions, cover is for risk of partial servicing success being achieved (due to animal’s lower level of fertility)

  • in respect of mares, cover will provide compensation for mortality during birth, barrenness and unborn foals

Extension is available for surgery costs and expenses. Short period cover for transit is also provided. These risks can apply to many other valuable animals.

Package cover will include:-

  • all risks or mortality including theft, arising from accident, sickness and disease

  • surgical extension is available up to a certain limit

  • permanent loss of use

  • vet’s fees

With an additional premium, the optional package cover will include:-

  1. saddlery and tack

  2. legal liability

  3. personal accident

In rating the risk, the insurer will generally interested with the following information:

  • age

  • breed

  • use

  • value

  • health record

  • claims experience (if any)

These are also considered important as underwriting factors:


  • sire

  • dam

  • service season

  • service fee

  • service record

  • no foal no fee basis


  • date due to give birth

  • fee paid for covering

  • year animal last gave birth

  • any foals aborted or stillborn

Animal above a certain value or with a poor claims history, a veterinary certificate or x-rays may be required. For racing or show animals, career winnings will be taken into account plus the activities undertaken i,e flat racer, hurdler, steeple chaser etc.

The majority of rating factor will include:

  1. animal’s value

  2. service fees

  3. saddlery and tack value

  4. personal accident benefits

  5. limits of liability

  6. activities undertaken by the animal

  7. age of the animal

  8. claims experience and animal’s health record

A number of insurers provide package policies for individual animals. Only a few insurers offer bloodstock insurance for valuable animals.


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