Protonic holiday

Test was over and its been sometime I had something so intensified. Its kinda good as you know your limit and that’ll push you further. Life nowadays revolves around that one and only text book and notes and the internet of course.

Found a nice place to hang out… a place where there’s not much traffic and provide ample parking and yet tranquil in a sense of that its a new housing area/township. No wonder Towkay said the place is so nice. Went there this morning with mom for a wind eating ride and its really a nice place… and of course the price is nice too. A cheapest unit cost around RM930K. There’s a Jusco supermarket, bank, shops etc over there. Kluang Station, Secret Recipe…. all there. Its a very nice place.

Towkay is gonna be promoted to Daddy soon. LouSai become LouTau. Thats a life accomplishment everyone is looking for. Another homie is tying the knot soon… yes… Yea Chern. See the Announcement section above.

This afternoon was spent yamcha with Yea Chern in Kepong and he only found out that his car’s fuel pump was malfunction after I left the place. So I went back to the yamcha place to assist him. Went around to look for a mechanic at 6.38pm and most of the workshops were closed at that time. Luckily theres one still open and we had no choice but to pay for it. A few hundred bucks just to change the fuel pump.

And thanks to the Proton Gen 2 fuel tank supplier’s precision, it took the mechanic 1 hour plus to fucking take the pump out from the fuel tank…. after scheming and hammering the hole. Had the diameter of the hole been a milimeter wider, it would’ve been just a few minutes for the whole ordeal. Maybe the fuel pump’s precision was compromised. And we did all that in front of the Kopi Street white coffee joint.. near the snow beer shop.

Ok… that was awal muharam holiday.


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