Camera beef

Again the shitty people come up with a stupid idea of holding the camera entrusted to us. They are doing it like a camera pool, whenever you wanna go out, you sign and take the camera. Reason they are doing  this is that some people snaking too much with the camera and the rest gotta suffer. This is real shit. Gotta return the camera before you leave the office everyday. Well, from now on, I gonna consider traffic jam as working hour.

Its kinda good too as you can taichi work to other people as you don’t have camera with you. This when I decided to take good responsibility of stuff entrusted to us… in this case, the camera… I bought silica gel and camera bag…. now they put it back for everyone’s use. I now realise that we don’t need to take so much care of these cameras as they are for everyone’s use. If you take much care for it and someone else boom.. crack it… everyone’s gonna get fucked. So whats the point. You gonna get fucked anyhow. I’m not gonna give a damn to the fucking camera anymore.

I just don’t understand where these people go when they snake. With the ever sickening traffic jam, I rather be sitting comfortably in the office than having to sit in a jam out there. What they the clowns fail to understand is that we have to go out for assignments and they just sit in the office. Its easy for them to just ask people to jam all the way back to office in the heart of KL just to return the fucking camera before going home. Those of you who had driven extensively for work for quite sometime…. you know how is the feeling of sitting in the office the whole day. You’d rather want an office job and don’t need to go out driving.

Man… this is beef just because of the fucking camera.


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