Sick of the mother in law

Well… just got to know of a friend who is having problem with the mother in law and she’s very unhappy about it and regret of marrying the guy because she only see the real colour of the family after the marriage registration. She love that guy very much, cared for him… its just that the mother in law is too much. The mother in law is making her life and even her husband’s (the son) life miserable but mummy’s boy is always mummy’s boy (as what she said).

Although we are no one to meddle with someone’s family affair, its just that you don’t want these things happen to your friend… even if your closest buddy is the guy… you won’t want these shitty things happen to his wife. If the guy is wrong and until he do something to fix the situation… I will be standing on the wife’s side. They guy must balance out so that both side have an equal share of whatever he can contribute. One is your mom, the other is the person who you’ll be seeing for the rest of your life. Sometime you just can’t neglect either one and thats why you must know how to balance your resources.

As a friend, of both the guy and the wife…. I hope their marriage will not be jeopardized by the mother in law. That guy, if you’re reading this, I came to know of this because your wife is too sad and have no one to share this misery but me and my Szer. Do not angry if you think your wife is telling people all the family matters…. its just that she need someone to talk and we hope you can deal with the situation. We can be reached if you need any limited advice but we don’t want to meddle in your family affair. We just cared for you and your wife, for all that matters.

Also, read here on what my Szer has to say.


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