Cmas or Xmas?

Went to Mass yesterday…. mandarin mass (8.00pm at Jesus Caritas Church, Kepong) as my granny wanna go mandarin one and the timing is better. Go early and finish off early. The priest… Father i-don’t-know-his-name said in his Christmas sermon on why we are all so wrong in associating Christmas as/with Xmas.

The fundamental agenda of this celebration is the birth of Christ The Lord hence the word Christmas. Its just not mere giving presents. But he asked why deleting (cross [x] out) the word christ from christmas and make it Xmas? Yeah… I never thought of that.. really. I did thought of it before on why its Xmas and not Cmas for short form purposes but never did I aware or question about the deletion of “Christ” in the word. Normally I’d be asleep when I’m attending chinese mass because I don’t really understand mandarin… those spoken in lengthy speeches.

The priest who hails from Taiwan, even went on to tell us about the name change of Christmas in Taiwan. “Seng Tan Chit” where “seng” which means holy, is the correct chinese term used for generations worldwide…. but the buggers in Taiwan call it “Yeh Tan Chit”. Apparently because Jesus is called “Yeh Sou” in chinese… hence Yeh is his surname and the celebration of Yeh.

The Father even went on to tell us the original meaning of Christmas… Christmas Eve… where I think normally after the Mass, family will gather at home for a feast. Well, I’d prefer to have party such for gifts exchange. Stay at home have a drink or two watch christmas TV shows, or just a plain feasting at home will be just fine. They don’t sing the song Silent Night for no reason.


The cute little boy… my cousin… it took me about 10 minutes to have this best shot. Monkey boy.

These Santa ornaments had been around almost as long as I lived. Man… my aunty still have these ornaments in tip-top condition.


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