Quick EXIF Editor

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format, and is a standard for storing interchange information in image files, especially those using JPEG compression. Most digital cameras now use the EXIF format. The format is part of the DCF standard created by JEITA to encourage interoperability between imaging devices.

It is the meta info when you hover your mouse over a picture file, a balloon will pop up showing you the date and time the picture was taken, camera make & model, exposure, shutter speed, settings etc.

You can alter or delete the annoying information altogether because these information often make your life harder as some pundek “jern” bastards are snooping over these information and see if you are lazy or not. Don’t let these information ruin your day.

Here’s a link for you to download the program and start editing those informations for a better day.


The required .NET Framework 2.0.50727 :


By the way, READ THE DISCLAIMER before you attempt to edit your crucial picture files.

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