Nikon Coolpix P5100

Oh yeah… the company provided new camera again. This time a Nikon. So.. we have to learn again how to use a new camera. We’re too used to the Sony’s patented interface, we now have to take the learning curve again. Perhaps, Nikon is a better camera…. but in the point-and-shoot segment, I don’t see a reason to compare it religiously. I’m not into any of these religions… Nikon Canon Sony Olympus arrgghgh. Its just a point-and-shoot. As long as it has the inbuilt time stamp and decent ease of use, it’ll be adequate for most of our work. Oh yeah, it shoots in JPEG and AVI mode only.

Man, a whoping 12.1 MP camera but we’re using only VGA mode (640×480). Yes, you won’t believe it but we’re using only VGA mode due to the outdated software only can generate reports for VGA pictures. The developer for that software went out of business (I’d guess) and we’re left with this obsolete yet crucial piece of software to help us generate report in a fraction of time from doing it manually.

Eh… the build is quite sturdy. Magnesium body casing and there’s hotshoe for a decent flashgun. Oh yeah, lets go do some amateur shooting this weekend.

Full specs here :

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