Ok… well, went to Jakarta the other day out of frustration for having to miss her so much. Or should I put it like this… free accommodation… why not go for a spin. Even Sean’s dearest herself never been to Jakarta despite being an Indonesian. Alright, my trip had only a purpose…. to see my szer. Imagine not seeing your love one for 2 months….

But then… to tell people I’ve been to Jakarta… I must have pictorial evidence. Hence we’ve visited the National Monument or Monas for short. That tower is simple and in the whole compound perimeter of that structure you can build 2 Petronas twin-towers I’d guess. There’s a museum in the basement of Monas. Models and figurines depicting events from the time of neandearthal period till srivijaya to majapahit to the Dutch and present time are all encased in a behind a glass in wall. After the Monas, we came upon a group of student activists outside Monas. They were marching… striking on some shit and polisi eeerr I mean policemen have to be there to control the situation. These are MPs… military police. Then we walked about half a kilometer to the National Museum only to find it having an exhibition. The museum was closed for the exhibition. There’s a lot of luxury cars parked in the compound. The drivers (ah mats) sitting on whatever that they can rest their asses on. It was a jewelry exhibition going on. No wonder lah. Asked the guy at the door and was told we have to buy ticket to go in. Alright… forget it we told ourselves. I can’t afford to buy jewelry yet.

We the took taxi to one of the poshest mall in the nusantara. Plaza Indonesia and eX Mall which are situated next to each other. Linked and connected. There we had dinner. Gado-gado and lontong medan. After dinner, went to yet another mall…. Semanggi…. man ….. I’m wondering why shopping mall… but hey… its hot there and malls are the only cool retreat. All kinds of clothes and accessories for both genders. After Semanggi, we back and sleep. It was a tiring day.

Check out the photo album: http://fotologue.jp/endroog#/5465034/5465107