Cmas or Xmas?

Went to Mass yesterday…. mandarin mass (8.00pm at Jesus Caritas Church, Kepong) as my granny wanna go mandarin one and the timing is better. Go early and finish off early. The priest… Father i-don’t-know-his-name said in his Christmas sermon on why we are all so wrong in associating Christmas as/with Xmas. The fundamental agenda of this celebration is the birth of Christ The Lord hence … Continue reading Cmas or Xmas?

Xmas wish

Hmm.. a christmas wishlist? Well, last xmas wishlist was fulfilled partially in the form of my Szer. Now I’m not wishing for anything material. As long as there’s food on the table and szer’s around with me this xmas.. year end… I am more than happy. To have a love one to enjoy christmas with is already a luxury to me…… looking back at the … Continue reading Xmas wish

Get the right web hosting package

Wanting to go dot com? Want something better than the free blogging tools like Blogspot? Then start your own domain with a web hosting of your choice. I’ve found a site where you can list all your hosting requirement and they will search the best web hosting provider for you. It doesn’t matter what are your requirements, they can get you the best deal. The … Continue reading Get the right web hosting package