A day at the HINDRAF rally

This morning an Indian colleague told me about the HINDRAF rally that was held in Jalan Ampang and at the gate of British High Commission. He told me he was not there but another indian colleague, PV was there. I was like, “HUH?”. Ok. I haven’t seen PV today.

However PV told this fat gundemama and this fella told me. You get it. Ok. PV was there on the streets of Jalan Ampang with his hommies. They were there for fun and just join the crowd. However, I don’t know if they are really there for the cause. So, when tear gas canisters were thrown at them and the crowd, they thought it was just smoke/fog and never thought that it really smarts. Gundemama said PV was blinded temporarily. Like those flashbangs. However, when the wind was blowing the opposite direction (toward the cops), PV they manage to pick up a tear gas canister, held it for a while and threw it back towards the cops. I was like “Woohho”.

Cross-junction in front of KLCC, Angkasa Raya, Lembaga Getah and Public Bank

Then, when the federal reserve cops sprayed the water cannon they thought it was just mere water. Little did they know about the chemical in it. They got itch all over the hands and scratching everywhere. PV and his friends ran helter skelter and dispersed. They regrouped some time later. They went to the park in KLCC and dived into the fountain pool to wash away the chemical water thats causing the itch. Other people waded the swimming pool.

PV, way to go !!! Yeah. “By the way, endroo, on the free TV, we only saw how the protesters whacked the police, whacked the police cars, threw stones etc…. but on Al-Jazeera they showed the police whack Indians and pundek, one police officer said they took the minimal action. Pundek lah.”

For more pictures, go here.


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