Accurate list for printer/copier/fax cartridges

Forgot what is the cartridge model for your printer? Many of us are unable to find an ink cartridge for our printer/copier/fax machine because we forgot the model/part number. Why? Because they keep changing the part numbers and the packaging all the time. Some manufacturers keep merging and changing their names. Thats where Cartridge Finder comes to help. With almost 10,000 makes and models of almost every printer, copier and fax machines ever manufactured, in their up-to-date list, you can easily find the right replacement cartridge for your machine. They have even linked to who is responsible to do the market price comparison for you so that you can compare prices of the cartridge(s) from various potential merchant/vendor nearest to you and subsequently purchase it online from their website. You can purchase the cartridges online and have it delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do is key in your zip code and they can determine the nett price plus shipping before you commit. Now, how convenient is that?!

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