The i-don't-know-what-title-to-put post

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who had given me advice on how to tackle the problem of longing for someone you loved who’s far far away. I’m feeling way better than at first. Any place that requires airplane is damn fucking far. Geez, do I need to tell you who I’m referring to? You need 26 hours of boat ride from Batam if you wanna go to Jakarta. If you experienced it before, you would know how was it, what I went through and stuffs like that.

Sometimes, after so many hours of thinking in the wee hours, I’ve finally come to understand why is it has to be like this. Maybe I am put to test by the Lord (do not bring us to the test, but deliver us from evil) for my patience, for my understanding of how a relationship should function, how to face hardship together (the pain of being apart for damn long) and the ultimate of all, the power of money. Yeah. Money can really cause happiness and sadness. You don’t just see it in TV. It really happen to any of us. I know it. We know it. A known fact. Also, I never ever been a fan of distance relationship for my whole life and I’m put to a very test of it… the Lord always has His reason for things. Like my accident, I escaped death because I would’ve been at Jogjakarta and there was a quake measured above 6 on the Richter scale in Java.

Afterall, maybe its just part of a relationship protocol, that you must go through ups and downs and then only you’ll realize how much you need each other at the end of the day. You’re up when seeing each together, down when you don’t see each other. Thats where emotional lifts come to play. It helps me and energize me. How many of you agree that a simple 3-worded text like “i miss you”, “thinking of you” or the old fashioned yet most powerful “i love you” can make you reach the star and pull one down. Especially if you get one in the morning, fuiyo, I bet your day would be brighter and merrier. You can’t get a kiss, so this is all that matter. We haven’t got 3G roaming on overseas networks. Communications is very very important to ease the agony.

Sometimes, you’d hope Doraemon really exist. If he exist, the Dokodemo door/pintu suka hati/anywhere door whatever you call it, is the only thing that I’ll die for… for that very door if mass produced, can make the global transportation industry to go bankrupt in an hour. Should that door exist, I won’t be here writing this post right now. Lets get back to reality. Well, I’m starting to take this as a challenge. And lets focus on what I’ll get in later days. Let me tell you something off topic, I had a yamcha session with Soo Lan, Min Dee and Towkay yesterday in hometown. Man…. Soo Lan’s kid, Julian is soooooooo cuuutttte. I’m so envy though I couldn’t do much but to grind harder now so that I can get one for my own as soon as possible. That would be an ultimate accomplishment.

Some of you may have experienced it before and have your very own way to comprehend such agony. Hope you can share your thoughts, your say, advice, counter measures here for the betterment of mankind. Those who never have a girlfriend/boyfriend being away before for so damn long so far far away, please don’t comment bullshit. I’ll delete the comment if I find it irrelevant. Hope this post can be available for anyone now, generations to come who have to be away from their significant half.

Thanks for reading my crap. I’m fine. Not smoking anymore but need a stout. 😉 Cheers.


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