Smoke gets in your lungs

A few days ago, I went to this collision repair centre and the in charge person there offered me cigarette because before this I always took his cigarette. Its normal. Pau.

This time, I said no and he was like “What?????”. I told him I quited and he asked “how come?”. Then i explained to him about my mishap and he was speechless.

I now know, the more you tell people you’ve quited smoking, the more determined you’ll be to stay away from it. Its proven on me. Just tell someone a day that you’re not smoking anymore and you be away from the darkside.

The article in Reader’s Digest (August 2007) really helped.



  1. I’ve told him not to supply to anyone. How wrong I was when I requested him to supply me!?

    An ex-heavy smoker is the best person to tell someone not to smoke anymore. 🙂

  2. Yo yo.. Dino. When you going to Taman Desa Bakeroni again?

    Ok, go ask a dentist to put an archbar (something like braces) in your mouth for a duration of a month and you’ll walk smoke-free after that. No joke.

  3. wtf? will i still be looking good with those thing in my mouth? no right? so no way…hahaha…im on the nicotine patch treatment….doesnt really work for me though…

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