Smoke gets in your lungs

A few days ago, I went to this collision repair centre and the in charge person there offered me cigarette because before this I always took his cigarette. Its normal. Pau.

This time, I said no and he was like “What?????”. I told him I quited and he asked “how come?”. Then i explained to him about my mishap and he was speechless.

I now know, the more you tell people you’ve quited smoking, the more determined you’ll be to stay away from it. Its proven on me. Just tell someone a day that you’re not smoking anymore and you be away from the darkside.

The article in Reader’s Digest (August 2007) really helped.


6 thoughts on “Smoke gets in your lungs

  1. I’ve told him not to supply to anyone. How wrong I was when I requested him to supply me!?

    An ex-heavy smoker is the best person to tell someone not to smoke anymore. 🙂

  2. Yo yo.. Dino. When you going to Taman Desa Bakeroni again?

    Ok, go ask a dentist to put an archbar (something like braces) in your mouth for a duration of a month and you’ll walk smoke-free after that. No joke.

  3. wtf? will i still be looking good with those thing in my mouth? no right? so no way…hahaha…im on the nicotine patch treatment….doesnt really work for me though…

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