Ok.. been telling a lot of people about my teeth. Some people thought I had prosthetic upper central incisor teeth but it is actually the same cracked old teeth that gone crooked a bit.

Let me tell you what happened last week. On Wednesday, I went to Malaya University Hospital for an appointment with the Head of Mouth and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prof. S.T . Ong. I wrote a complaint… well, not actually a complaint but a customer satisfaction feedback form. Told them of the shitty doctor quack, Dr. Hazmir who asked me to go home after he diagnosed me with nothing wrong when I can’t even close my mouth let alone bite.

The Professor was stunned when she received a complaint and it is the first time such a thing happened. So she’s very willing to address the situation and gave priority to my case. She even asked Dr. Ha’s assistant, Jas to put me on the earliest possible appointment with Dr. Ha. without the charismatic doctor’s knowledge. A VIP case. This is because I told the Professor about my set of teeth are not touching. I mean I can’t bite and cut noodles because there’s gap.

However, this morning when I woke up, I felt my central incisor teeth are slightly touching, very slight touch. Maybe its a good sign of recovery. Oh yeah, lets go eat fish head mee hoon.