Accident at the cemetery

It was All Souls Day celebration and we went to pay our dead loved ones a visit. However, too much candles do no good and the scorching sun helped to facilitate the burning. And 18 years of stained candle wax on the grave pavement all burnt off today at my grand uncle’s grave. Water doesn’t help to put off the fire, it only spark more flames.

My uncle looked at the boiling wax and fire helplessly.

“Ayoyo.” Their family (of this deceased’s grave) visited the grave earlier (an hour earlier) and went off to another relative’s grave in the same cemetery. When we reach this grave, it was raging in fire. Quickly called them to come back to look at the situation.

Moral of the story: Don’t burn to much of candles on the cement pavement. It will stain there forever…. well not really forever.. unless you burn them of course.


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