Don't crack your toes

My job requires me to travel a lot to vehicle collision repair centres, heavy equipment workshops and construction sites. There are high risks for my foot to get injured at these places therefore I need a pair of safety boots. Well, preferably a Steel Toe Boots for maximum protection.

I googled for steel toe boots and I found have the most comprehensive inventory. Brands like Caterpillar, Dr. Martens to Wolverine for the traditional style steel toe boots. They also have Dickies, Nautilus and Converse for those of you who want to wear sneakers to your dangerous work place and yet feel safe. Seriously, I’ve never come accross sneakers with steel toe in this part of my world. That is why, sometimes we should shop online. What they have here is not just for the working environment. There’s even hiking shoes and sports shoes that come equipped with steel toe. Isn’t it nice? The price is seriously reasonable for your toes. Medical fees should there be an accident or a few dollars more? You do the math.

Shipping is FREE for every order. However, international customer like me is responsible for all duties and tariffs. There is also possible Customs agent fees. Eh, I better go check with the local customs office. Oh, by the way check your size accurately because for every returned shoes for the wrong size may cost you $10.00 or the freight charges whichever is greater. Go get your boots now.

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