Prepaid phone card is a mouse click away

My girlfriend in now abroad and we miss each other so much that we would call each other everyday. However, the call rate is expensive for both of us. Therefore PhoneCardsAvenue is the answer. Their prepaid phone card is quite reasonable. If you’re lucky, you can get call card for almost every destinations in the world. Oh, by the way, the holiday season is around the corner and you would want to keep in touch with your loved ones living overseas.

They’ve introduced a 3% cash back rebate program recently where you will get 3% of every calling card or phone card purchases that you make with PhoneCardsAvenue. Wow, thats good. In their website, there is a phone cards list where you can compare card before making a purchase. They even have a phone card tip on using phone cards which I find it very informative.

For example, usually each card has good rate for only one country or two. They allow people to buy $5 calling cards. The reason being that some people like to try several different cards to find the best deals. Those people usually prefer to buy $5 calling cards, the cheapest value, before they start buying a bigger value phone cards. This is understandable giving the situation of the rate changes that might occur from the phone card manufacturer’s side. If you find a very good rate for a specific country, don’t use that card for other countries. If there is not rate list for the country for a specific card, that means rate is high. Don’t use those card designed for international call to make a domestic call. Usually there will be more charges.

This post is brought to you by PhoneCardsAvenue through PayPerPost.


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