Ok. Szer told me he, Lim Goh Tong was dead yesterday. So whats the big deal?

Szer: Uncle Lim is dead. Do you know that?
G: Ok. I didn’t know. Now that you told me, I know.
Szer: How can you not know???
G: Geez… i haven’t read the paper today. I was out of office. What the big deal of his death??
Szer: But he’s a Malaysian icon !!!!!
G: Unless he had gave me money, I’d be doing some crying for his demise but then not only he didn’t give me money, he took my money everytime I went to his Genting casino. Everytime. Now you know why I dislike gambling. I didn’t even benefit from his charity.
Szer: …….. 0_O
G: Ok fine. Just to please you…. “Rest in peace, Uncle Lim”. Satisfied?! Arrgh.

Szer: !@#$%^&&*