PSP webcam

Bought a webcam at Digital Mall yesterday. I think nowadays have to really try out some better way of communication with your love ones.

Text chats is convenient but multimedia enhance the experience. Surely you’d save a lot on long distance calls. But when your parents don’t know how to operate a webcam and Skype/MSN….. how would you feel? Arrggh of course. Haha.

And I learn something. A VGA cam is a 480k pixel cam. I bought an AVF brand camera at RM45.00 . Made in Puchong.

What I got was ” why your camera so blurry?” when I tested out the camera with szer’s friend on skype yesterday. Arrgh. I should’ve bought that RM85.00 Logitech 1.3M pixel webcam. I thought as long as there’s picture thats all. Picture quality is not important to me. As long as the person one the other end can see my face… not my pimple and its alright.

Now a bit regret but its ok. What I regret is I should have bought PSP rather that iPod nano. PSP can do more things and listen to music. Just thats its a lil’ bit bulky.


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