Lost control and overturned

My colleague, the pastor…. took my camera last thursday and did not return it to me the next morning as promised. I called him on Friday morning, hoping can get him on the line to scold but no one answer the phone… and I gotta go out for my work. Arrgh. So I borrowed a camera from another colleague.

The next day was Hari Raya holiday weekend till Monday. So I was back to work on Tuesday and I didn’t go into office coz I was outside to settle all the cases. All the workshops closed or open half day last Friday.

Then this morning I manage to call him and before he tell me what happened, I’ve already in dissing mode. I was quite angry for him to go missing with my camera. Only then he told me he’s on MC following a car accident.

Apparently his car hit a road divider and turned turtle. He said it would be a beyond economic repair case. He broke his hand and on plaster now. Geez. I apologised as I didn’t know about it.

He said he has passed the camera to the guy who is sitting in front of me. Luckily the pastor can still be repaired.


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