Declassified: My sick photos

So here’s the picture you all be wanting to see.

Like I was having “mums”. In a glance, you’d thought I look like a pig because of the wounds below my nose. I felt my cheeks like swollen and bouncy. I can’t shave my moustache and my chin. My lower lip was also swollen because it was bitten by my teeth and the wound need a long time to heal. It is still a little bit numb now and Doc said it needs at least 5-6 months to heal and regain normal sensitivity. Now I have a bee-stung lip…. like Angelina Jolie?

The close up. Luckily she was around to take care of me. I love you dear.



  1. you are now viewing at endroog’s 8-stitches-lower-lip, tight-shut-jaw with 3 fractures including one a vertical one at the chin, with frontal gashes on the nose, the bridge between the nose and the upper lip and left cheekbones.
    ohyea and his spectacles suffered some scratches.
    also a sprained right wrist.

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