For sale : The £200 camera at half price

Ok… my dad bought this Sony 10 mega-pixel camera for £200 from a guy who bought it using stolen credit card.

Let me show you what come with the package:

1: Carrying bag
2: Extra “SONY” label sticker
3: Instruction Manual
4: USB cable for connectivity
5: Hanging clip for your printed glossy photo to dry
6: Extra hand string
7: 3mm – RCA cable
8: Desktop charger
9: Camera sling strap
10: Table tripod
11: Wide angle lens? Fish eye lens? I don’t know.
12: The camera unit.

Camera functions:

– take pictures
– take video clip
– sound recording
– karaoke

Battery charger : Made by Something High Electric (Xiamen) Co. Ltd.

Battery charger : Made by Rijin Electronic Co. Ltd

Well, its up for sale. RM 700.00 negotiable. Contact me at 012-322 0233. Only potential buyers.


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