Was at a family outing of the Tohs and Mr. B asked Uncle C why is he still driving that Proton Saga when he should get a BMW Mini Cooper S. With all his real estates, assets… I guess he can easily buy an M5 and drive off the showroom rightaway.

However he still love to drive his functional no-nonsense Proton Saga and it takes him to places. The rest of the men argued he should try new technology… Mercedes for instance. But he countered that he once broke the traffic rule and was stopped by a cop. The cop let him go without any “coffee money” as he dressed like a normal chokiah uncle like those you see in kopitiam drinking Guinness while rubbing their feet. And he just drives a Proton Saga.

Hmm, I’m not siding anyone… as both camp have their point. One was asking him to enjoy life.. made a fortune and its time to enjoy what he reaped as he’s a retiree. On the other hand, you’d get complicated problem from the cop, robbers, thieves…. malicious people if you’re driving a luxury car. You feel insecure. What the need for all that…?! Hmm… just stay low profile.

Ok… whatever…. if you have a choice to drive an M5 or Proton Saga… which one would you choose?