Ok.. the Doc took out the wires yesterday and basically I’m free to open my mouth to exercise… though to a certain extent. I can only slid in a finger at this moment as I can put in my whole palm in it before this.

I still cannot bite and doing soft diet. I have to mash thosai into dhal and  drink from it. I can believe thats what I ate right after my liberation.

Current diet:

  • Weetbix,
  • KFC whipped potato,
  • thosai + dhal
  • Farley’s Rusk,
  • porridge + Bovril,
  • biscuits dipped into coffee/Milo
  • bread dipped into coffee
  • Campbell soup
  • cakes
  • Tau foo fah

I tried nasi lemak yesterday but it is hopeless for the moment. Arrghh… so near yet so far.