I came I saw I PPP'ed

Ever thought of making money by blogging? If you have been writing about services, products and websites that you find it to be good and interesting but gained nothing from the traffic you generated, don’t worry. You can get paid to blog with Pay Per Post.

Its easy with Pay Per Post. All you need to do is sign up, start writing, get it approved and then get paid. What to write? All kinds of opportunities available to you. You can browse the list and choose what you want to write or what is relevant to your blog. There are a lot of categories of things to write ranging from politics to parenting, lingeries to sports wears, ah, well, almost everything under the sun.

Got to know about this from some blogging friends who were already PPP’ing, earning a good deal of bucks and I thought I can earn as much too. So I signed up and here I am today, writing some sponsored post in my free time to subsidise my domain hosting. This is done during my free time. I gained a lot while doing pay per post as there’s a lot of topics to write which you need to do a little bit of research and there you gain some knowledge of what you are going to write. You’ll learn something. Thats for sure.

If you are a blogger, why not take a look the their website. Oh yeah, PayPal will come in handy for all the monies you make.

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