Went to the supermarket to buy some “food”. Then saw this Bovril and I went gaga. Szer was like “eee… what the hell is with this Bovril?!”. How can you like Bovril so much?

I grew up drinking Bovril…. so its normal to like it. Bovril drink is so delicious. Bovril in porridge is superb.

I prefer Bovril to Marmite. But then marmite crab is nice. Anyway never heard of Bovril crab in the chinese seafood restaurant.

Whats yours?



  1. OH MY GOSH!!! At last i found someone who is “normal” like me! Wohoo!! Galli dont like bovril..he gave me weird look sometimes when i makan bovril with nasi LOL!
    How are you BTW? Hope you getting better. Take care.

  2. dude , get well soon man.. hope you can get around to eating your first nasi lemak again.

    When i was recovering from dengue, I couldn’t eat any hot(chili) stuff. For a chili lover ah, its like some kinda punishment. But I waited until my liver recovered, now i am eating normal again…

    Wish you the best though.

    Do drop by my blog more often…. cheers!

  3. Lilian: Marmite a little bit bitter. Thats why I don’t like. If make soup, its a bit bitter.. vege mah.

    Bernsy: Thanks. Will post here when I eat my nasi lemak again. Keep me updated on good food in town.

    Vicky: Eh… whats all this vegemite, anymite… dynamite termite yosemite….??!! I thought there’s only Bovril (red cap) vs. Marmite (yellow cap)? I only like Bovril. Others can go fly kite.

  4. do you know that there is a study some time back that those who were not introduced to bovril and marmite after they go pass 3 years old will never be able to take marmite and bovril for their entire life … so some how if u grew up with that then it ok – you will like it … or else there will be no way u can get someone in their adulthood to like it …

  5. hahaha so those poor sobs who never tasted both … will never get akin to their taste … to me its just great with porridge, steaming hot rice, toast … and yeah pork ribs … hahaha

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