Wooohh… been going to a lot of place to eat with my parents, Mr Bin and my Szer.

Restoran Woh, Sri Damansara
Champs, Centre Point Bandar Utama (the prawn mee comes with phai kuat pork. Yummy)
Restoran Yukie, Sri Damanasara
Uncle Lim, The Curve
Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve

The list goes on….. whats consumed? Nasi lemak, pork noodle, prawn mee, char kuey teow, steamed fish, vegetables, steamed water egg, porridge, Paulaner beer, orange cranberry juice, pork knuckle, hamburger, meatloaf, Milo, coffee, chocolate cake the list goes on again…

Despite all these, I was just a spectator while the ate. Ayoyo.

Even the Mr Bin couldn’t resist the bacon served in his German hamburger. He didn’t take any pork though. Just bacon. Haha. He’s lost. Maybe he now realized that he missed out a lot of thing.. I mean on food… being a Bin Abdullah. What a joke. What a drama.