Nasi lemak
Bak kut teh
Lum Mee
Pork mee
prawn mee
Char kuey tiau
Teowchew porridge

Man, when your jaw is locked for a few days and only on liquid diet, you’ll know you never ever gonna take food for granted again. Never waste food again. Everyday I think of the nasi lemak man of Hilton Corner Nasi Lemak at Wisma Genting. I wish I can see him soon.

I’m also missing the fat lady cooking bak kut teh at Kaka. Arrghgh. I miss that specky boss of the prawn mee + lum mee joint in Kepong, Ho Yee Kee. I miss that fat char kuey tiau lady at Yum Yum Tree, Taman Desa. Arrgh.

I miss all these people more than my parents. Arrggh.