I had a dream

A day before yesterday, I dreamed of me flying…. and chased by a friend asking me to go out with him… which of course i dont want to go out with.

My body was featherweight I could fly with the winds. As the wind blows, I rise up the skies and its like in Doraemon comic… where you just fly like that. Although there’s this “cardboard” i hold on my hard to help me fly. I flew from Selayang to Kepong, I hopped from building to building…. and Ah Seng could fly like me too…. he was chasing me all over. I could feel the G of going up and down the altitude.

Then I was awaken by a cough. Geez.

Again, yesterday, I dreamed of Oasis. Yes, the band. They came to Malaysia for a meet-the-fans session and I was the early bird to reach the venue. Before the show started, I went outside the building to have a smoke and a kwailo came over to ask for a light. I gave him a light. Man… he was a Gallagher. I forgot whether he was Liam or Noel. Then he walked off. I stood there looking at the lighter.

Then someone tap me from behind and I woke up. Arrgh.

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