The tough cargo pants of Yishion

I bought this cargo pants before Chinese New Year 2007 and it is now just half a year away, the pants started to fall apart.

This pants  has a nice colour and its fabric material is tough like those of military wear. The colour is a bit like “air-force” colour. Fabric is good in quality, smooth and thick.

The only thing slack about this pants is that all of its zippers is tied to a string… as you can see here the left backside pocket. Every pocket this pants have is tied like this pocket shown here.

But the zipper is low in quality… and it can jam and you gotta pull hard to release the zipper lock. And the consequence will be this… broken zipper. Every pocket has a zipper and it’ll graze your hand everytime you reach for something in the pocket. Imagine your designer wallet or your mobile phone.

Then, there is this leather belt “holder” (what is it called?). I thought the leather will last for at least 20 years or more. The fabric of this pants is so tough but why its accesories are shitty? They shouldn’t have use a leather there. When I squat down, the “belt holder” was put to tension and it gave away. Geez.

If not for all this low quality additions to the pants, it could have been a very nice one to wear. The cotton is soft and thick. I thought stuffs made in the People’s Republic of China have come a long way in terms of quality… I think I’m a bit inaccurate here.



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