Damansara Specialist Hospital is a con shop

Your Ref    : TBA
Date        : 7th August 2007

Damansara Specialist Hospital                Fax: 7722 2617
119 Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Attn: Credit Control Department

Dear Sir,

Admission on 3rd August 2007
Insured/Patient   : Mr. Bin
NRIC No.              : xxx
MRN No.              : xxxxxx
Admission Date   : 3rd August 2007 (11.45pm)
Discharge Date    : 6th August 2007 (4.00pm)
Ward/Room/Bed: MAT/004/xxx
Admission Doctor: Dr. Gan

With reference to the above matter.

I would like to know why my deposit of RM200 been hold and have to pay excess for the room and board when we already have insurance coverage which your good office had received a guarantee letter.

In the conversation with your En. Ainol yesterday evening, he told me that it is not our fault nor the insurance company (HLA from hereon) as it is your (DSH from hereon) problem for not having a room at the rate of RM100.00 available. However he told me he sent a letter to inform the insurance company about the problem (room unavailability), that DSH is putting us in the more expensive room and let the insurance to decide. En. Ainol stressed it is not our fault. Asked why we were not shown the letter, En. Ainol said it is the hospital’s procedure and patient cannot be shown the letter.

If that is the case that DSH is going to “upgrade” the room, why are we not informed verbally or in writing? I have told the person at the admission counter that night, that our insurance coverage is RM100 for the room and board. He already checked that with HLA before my brother was admitted. Then we were told to just follow a guy who led us to the ward room. No one during the entire admission duration had ever informed us about the rate of the room and how are we to know. I suggest DSH put a price tag on the door. If DSH if going to put a patient to a more expensive room, at least have the courtesy to let the patient know so that they can decide whether to admit and pay the excess or admit in another hospital. How can you boast this in your fourth line of your “Patient’s Charter”?

In this writing, I’m hoping that these errors can be rectified and my deposit of RM200 is refunded because I felt cheated. I demand the soonest possible reply. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

endroo G

Cc: Hong Leong Assurance Bhd. (Life; Med Global) Fax: 03-7650 1881
Cc: Jimmiziv Young (HLA)


  1. i just think that the insurance agent should also be responsible to rectify the situation. it might be the hospital’s fault but it’s the agent’s responsibility to service us- they’ve been reaping on the ins that we pay. the agent should have drafted the letter for you, or he could have gotten a std letter from the HQ. i’ve checked with other agents and that’s what they advised me. perhaps time to review ur ins agentship.

  2. In this case, I think I wanna do it myself. Having worked in an insurance medical claims department, I know what I’m facing here. I think I can handle it.

  3. then it defeats the purpose of having an insurance agent in the first place.
    i also know how to make fried rice, but in a restaurant where i’m paying for it, i’m not gonna cook the rice myself.
    why pay for the insurance agent fees if you’re not getting the service u rightfully paid for.

  4. checked with my ING agent, that under circumstances where it’s difficult to get the guarantee letter when we were doing admission, the agent has to call the DATA CENTER to rectify things for the client.

  5. tihtahpah : My bro or my mom misplaced the medical card. With just the card, the hospital should’ve been able to obtain enough info of the coverage. Maybe it was just because it was midnight and the admission bugger is a new staff. Then it was Saturday and the people at the insurance company delayed a lil bit…

    Mo: thanks for your concern. He’s ok.

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