The best things in life are free

Recently I was asked by some not-so-close friends why am I always with my gf and can’t you leave your gf for once and go hang out with them or someone else. Well, this is a relatively simple question to answer.

I asked myself what is more important: your gf or your friends who are sick enough to even ask the earlier question above. No one is more important right now other than her and my parents. I think thats the answer. Period.

My parents is not around here at the moment, so it is not wrong that during all my non-working time to be with my gf. I hate going home and see that Mr. Bin at home. I’ve got no choice. She may not like it but I just dont want to go home early. My buddies will not come out during the weekdays… so who else can I see on weekdays? Yes… my gf.

Is it that wrong or unhealthy to my life? Having 2 closest friends getting married soon… you would also wanna get married… just that the financial means are not stable yet. Just cant imagine what its like to have a home to go after work, where there’s a toddler to play with… and someone to cook for you. Simple little thing in life. Yeah.. I must be out of my mind for thinking all this. Now, thats the best thing in life.

To me, being with your loved one is the nicest thing in life. You may not agree, but thats how I see it. Just don’t want to be like before anymore..ever.



  1. You have indeed mellowed down.
    Szer has done the world of good to you.
    I’m sure you’ve done the same for her. 😉

    Wishing the two of you the best. 🙂

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