Good tidings from the Tehs

Well, Towkay Teh is getting married this year November end. You may ask it is now August and that’s 3-4 months away. NO… NO… HE DIDN’T BLOW IT UP. IT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.

According to him at a second press conference yesterday at Centrepoint, it is solely because he cannot marry at the age of 29 (lunar calendar). According to him, Chinese cannot marry at 29. It is not good and not auspicious. Is it so???? His family consulted a feng shui sifu/master. So it is now or 2009/2010.

Man, everyone’s getting married these days. Now.. guys, who won the bet (on who’s getting married first)?



  1. Yes indeed. Teh Teong Yeow. Why “omg”?

    Just got to know from Yea Chern that there will be another close friend who will be getting married this November. But he refused to disclose who the hell is that. !@#$%^** I am wondering too. Fuck.. why they dont just tell… these are good news… fuck, i dont know how they think. What is so secretive?!

  2. Haha… long time never visit this good ole place…
    So endroo… next time when you marry must inform much earlier la.. dont be secretive la… advertise on the blog, newspaper, mass email, sms…

    Anyhow, that this opportunity to CONGRATULATE Kelvin Teh on his big day. Just curious to know who will be the next in line… haha..

    till then…. take care everyone

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