Blogger's Booze this Saturday

As Daniel Franklin wanted it, I would also like to invite all of you bloggers to the Blogger’s Booze happening this Saturday at Plaza Damas.

Especially people like eatingchaos, xes, bimbobum, Jason Mumbles, hazuddin, dominic, Vicky & philters.

Like my szer said, it’s not going to be a big thing, just a bunch of us hanging out and drinking. Thought of inviting Babybandit the tot-blogger.



  1. By the time your Blogger Booze takes place, Babybandit would be off to la la land already.

    Morning kopi still can.. 😛

    But thanks for thinking of her anyway

  2. Jem: We all hope to see you.

    Vicky: Oh well, make it next time ok.

    bimbo: So you and xes coming or not? Please come in that paperbag.

    mamabandit: We think of her everyday… she’s cute. I’ll arrange morning kopi.

  3. hey endroo…

    won’t be able to make it as it is my brother’s birthday. but as i have mentioned to daniel, i have a small stash of local brew to contribute so that my presence may be felt in spirit. one of you contact me ya.

  4. ok… Ms. Tuak aka philters, i would suggest that you keep the spirit for the next occasion, when you will be available to enjoy the tuak. I feel “tak sedap hati” if i drink your tuak and you’re not there drinking with us.

    Thanks for the offer anyway.

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