Of 50 and 50

Recently been bugged by all things 50.

RM50 or 50%
Ok.. 5 years ago when I started to work with this current company, we were given a RM50 allowance for our season parking fee. At that time, the fee was around Rm 80-110 per month. Now just recently parking fees been raised to a whooping RM189.00 and we’re still getting RM50 allowance for parking. Price of almost everything raised – oil, food, parking, ciggies, booze, cost of living, toll fees etc. We need to travel in and out of the office frequently and this is how they treat us. All the parking fees along the Jalan Sultan Ismail belt have been raised recently due to a closure of two huge prominent open air carpark for construction. I think the company should at least bear 50% and NOT just RM50 of our parking fees. You think we really want to go to work by car? I’d better off with a bike. There was once a colleague who was screwed by boss for using motorcycle to go for inspections. Sometime do you think its fair for managers to be given Rm100 for parking allowance and they dont always go out and their salary is way more than us. This is really “sang yan pa sei tei”. (Living people conquering land for the dead).

50 Cent
Yes… 50 the rapper. My dearest been asking me to change all my ringtones and caller ringtones. She said she’s annoyed and hates 50 Cent. Arrghhh. I like 50 Cent. Since it is her, I’ll change it soon.

50 years ago
Wondering of my granddad and his fellow friends. They indirectly played a part towards the independence of Malaya. Yes.

50 years now
The country will be celebrating the 50th Merdeka this year. Hoping to be one of the spectators of the relive of the flagdown ceremony of Merdeka Eve of 1957. That will be something memorable for us of this generation.



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