Right & wrong of fashion

We often hear people criticise other people of having a bad fashion sense, who dressed badly, who match clothes badly etc. I just wanna know.. is there a manifesto that dictates that this shirt must go with that skirt/pants, that blouse must go with jeans etc ???

We are just copycats following what most of the people are wearing or at least the celebrities. I know we like it. We enjoy doing it.

For a formal function, it doesn’t matter if I wear a batik or a tuxedo right? Anyway, we’re asian and we have our own cultural outfits. You can wear cultural outfits for any formal function unless there’s a strict dresscode that you must wear for example, songkok (as seen in some government functions even you’re not of the malay ethnicity). How about barring some middle easterns in their black/white robes from formal function. In high profile events we see on TV, I like to see those rappers like 50 Cent, The Game etc, who attend award functions wearing in their own street fashion and not the boring old black & white suits with tie or bow tie. Why must we associate “formal dressing” with suits and ties and not your own ethnicity wear. Its all in the mindset. We sometime do care about what people would say. The majority will laugh at you if you’re wearing something different and you will be in the centre of attention. Whether you can take this, this is something we really need to ponder.

Anyway, its just a matter of preference and hey…. batik can go with jeans or cargo pants with a nice pair of sneakers. Maybe I’d wanna wear a designer batik for my wedding dinner or the samfu like Wong Fei Hung etc. I thought of wearing batik shirt to work.

Why a female can practically wear anything but we guys have to be limited to only shirt/polo t-shirt, pants and leather shoe for our daily working life. Thats because your boss is old fashioned. I’d rather be in uniform. No need to think of what clothes to wear everyday to work.



  1. i thought batik with jeans was refreshing. hehehehe.
    i used to wear purple frame glasses, red red shoes, sport really short short hair.
    even last time i had orange dye hair and my boss told me to change it. i didnt of coz.

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