Prelude to Transformers 2007

Well, just before we all go and watch Transformers (2007) this 28th June, I wonder how many of you all are young enough to don’t know who’s these famous robots, Optimus Prime and Megatron.Ok.

After doing some viewing at the official Transformers movie website, I come to know that the yankee’s General Motors secured the advertising deal and the Bumblebee we all know was a cute yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Man, how the fuck can they change the it to another car altogether. I prefer it to be changed to the current version of Beetle (yeah, the new one) rather than a chevy camaro OR at least name the character Goldbug . Its totally different car in size and design. Bumblebee is etched into our brain as the Volkswagen Beetle.

Anyway, I’m not the director and who the hell am I to say things. By the way, I read somewhere the reason why they opted for camaro is because Volkswagen don’t wanna license it. They said there’s too much violence in transformers and they don’t want Beetle to be portrayed as a war machine.Hmmm… oh fuck, even Megatron don’t look like a gun anymore. They might as well put in Galvatron. Arrgghh.

Here’s the list of characters I would’ve casted in the movie if I’m be the director:

Arcee, that pinky lady Autobot

Blaster, the autobot radio

As for the Decepticon camp, I wanted to see Astrotrain, the decepticon triple-changer (a train and a space shuttle.)


Here you can listen to the Generation 1 outro theme song.

But the, the silver screen will always come out with their own variation of things. Just hope it’ll be good although I still can’t accept Megatron’s complete makeover. Where can I get this toy for future Baby G?? I know Kok Ming@Sean used to have this.

Afterall, Transformers are modified in every generations. This latest one should be a good movie.



  1. err… I’m a bit lost…
    Used to have what? I used to Optimus Prime that’s for sure. As far as I can remember, there was no toy for Megatron.

  2. Anyway, if u are still looking for Transformers toys, u can also find them at They are up for sale.

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