Retro retreat @ Hartamas

Went to this Retro American Diner at Plaza Damas yesterday with my Szer after dinner. I though it was just a pub but hell no. The have a gig. Well, this is a really retro. The DJ spins oldies. The gig plays only oldies of 50s-70s.

The joint is just next to Plaza Damas Modesto’s and in fact it can be accessed from Modesto’s. They’re linked. They have ample parking, pool tables, bar, booth seats, sofas among other amenities. The patrons are mostly the wise golden citizens though they’re still young at heart. Youngsters alike also spotted who came over from Modesto’s for a change of music genre. I think we’re the youngest there. Yeah, we’re the young ones.

The place is kinda cosy and and have personal touch.

The lady singer sang Carpenter’s Top of The World when we just sat down. That was enough to make me hooked. To bad they didn’t play any Beatles’ but hey… I asked for Sir Cliff Richard’s The Young Ones and they played. They even dedicated a song to us (i forgot what song was it) and especially for the lady sitting next to me. There was a bunch friends of uncles, aunties datuks & datins who were dancing like no body’s business and they can really twist and shout. No joke. There’s one uncle, who I think is the partner of the business, came over to us asking us to join them for a dance…. no, we refused it ok. We are just not their league. They are some cha cha or tango or waltz or even twist pro. This same uncle said to us “eh listen, this is the song I sang when I chased young girls back then. But now all the young girls are old ladies already.” After that, he went to another table of not-so-young people and we heard him repeating the same thing to them.

No worries. They have all kinds of food and drinks. Beer, stout, liquor, Cocktails, fruit juice, skyjuice, coffee, tea etc. They even have kopi jantan. The variety of food also make this a nice place to hang out though some of the generation X may not fancy it. I know some people will call this place an “old folks home”. Well, if you want decent oldies, this is the place. Oh yeah, when we got the bill, it cost us RM 6.90 for the kopi ginseng plus taxes and we were there for almost 4 hours. Come on, 4 hours of entertainment at 7 bucks at Jade Loong Trendy Kopitiam.



  1. Thanks for sharing.. will try it out next time ‘coz it’s less than 10mins drive from where I usually stay when I’m in town. 😉

    Have a great weekend, Endroo & Szer. 🙂

  2. Well, Saturday night, apparently no live band – so YES! 🙂 But it’s known as HARTAMAS WALK and not American Diner (that’s only a section). I spoke to the manager already. 🙂 It’s on.

  3. yorrrrrr..the live band is good ler compared to the shits we get for e.g. at uncle chilli’s, had enough of bad versions of hotel california and sweet child o’mine that kinda shit ler…..

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